Builders Care Foundation

About the Foundation

We’re builders. It’s how we make our living, and we’re good at it. Through the Wichita Area Builders Association Builders Care Foundation, we can do good in our communities by doing something we are good at doing. It’s an amazingly simple concept with profound and lasting effects.

Vision Statement:

To be a catalyst for construction education and affordable life changing shelter needs in our Community.

Mission Statement:

The WABA Builders Care Foundation is a unique non-profit organization. We leverage our building industry’s specialized skills to help provide construction education and shelter for those in need. We collaborate with other local service providers to make a positive difference in our Community.

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Why Donate?

Almost all of the product and labor is donated. Cash is used for permit fees, utilities and other expenses. The generosity of our WABA members allow us to leverage every dollar into $10, $20, $50 or more, in value delivered.


There’s no shortage of worthy causes or people who need a hand. By sticking to what we know, we can maximize the beneficial impact in our community by leveraging our knowledge, relationships and expertise to get more done for more people. Your donation becomes the catalyst for donations from builders, suppliers and vendors in the way of both materials and labor that becomes a force multiplier. Members and non-members alike can make contributions in general, or in support of specific projects, and take desired tax deductions.

    • Every dollar you donate gets multiplied 10 times over, for a huge combined impact on the community.
    • Every dollar you donate goes directly to Foundation projects. There is no overhead subtracted.


The following is a list of some of the projects with which the Wichita Area Builders Association has been involved and members have supported, both prior to the establishment of the WABA Builders Care Foundation, and subsequently.

    • Homes for Our Troops
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Home for Our Troops
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Victory in the Valley
    • Wichita Children’s Home
    • Make-A-Wish
    • Kansas Humane Society
    • Susan G. Komen Cards for the Cure
    • Women’s Crisis Center
    • Casa’s for Kids
    • Ronald McDonald House

Ready to donate and see your contribution multiplied?

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